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Sometimes in life we all like a little mystery. Our Choice is the perfect option for those who want to be surprised, or may not have the time to choose their own in today’s busy world. With our expertise, you'll know each time you’re getting the best. Your first delivery could be glorious hybrid delphs and the next wonderfully scented English garden roses, each time a delight.

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About us

A dedicated family-run business, we have been lovingly serving St. Alban’s and the surrounding areas with flowers since 2002. From day one, our commitment to quality, freshness and exemplary customer service has set us apart, and that remains today.

We believe that the true beauty of flowers is best expressed when they are presented as a one flower, en masse. The timeless elegance of a single flower simply can’t be replicated in a mixed bunch. For this reason, our specialty is one-flower bunches en masse. When you’ve chosen your favourite flower, you can send our blooms as a gift or buy for yourself, both as a one-off or subscribe to receive our very special deliveries on a regular basis, however we do of course have our loose stem bundles for sale within the 'Our Choice' and 'Subscription' pages for those that would like a nice selection.

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