At Flowers Flowers we like to keep things simple, stylish and on trend – with a great choice too!


My idea back in 1998 was to take the concept of a London flower stall out of London.  All those years ago one rarely saw flowers such as Ad Rem Tulips, Hybrid Delphs, Allium Giganteum, cut amaryllis, Kangaroo Paw, Tuberose – the list goes on – and we feel exceptionally proud that we were and are still a big part of bringing them to St. Albans.


Growing up in London and having worked in Kew Gardens and on a well regarded flower stall in Barnes, SW13 in my youth, I gained a great deal of knowledge and experience.


I got my first chance on my own in Windsor Royal Station Shopping Centre in 1998. Four years later I had the opportunity in 2002 to open a shop at the entrance of Christopher Place, St. Albans with my then partner (now wife) Jo, a trained florist. In 2003 we moved to St Albans and have lived a very happy life here ever since, with our 2 young sons Oscar and Rafe.

In 2015, we moved from the shop in Christopher Place to a more central position outside the Town Hall in St Peter’s Street, trading from our Classic Citroen van.


And now we’ve got this, our full online shop!


It’s something we’ve been wanting to do for years but just haven’t had the time. Running a successful high street business and bringing up a young family makes it rather tricky! But here it is. Our dream online shop for all those faithful customers – and new ones to enjoy!  We’re really proud of this website and hope you enjoy using it as much as we do.


The mixed bouquet that most florists still sell are becoming less and less popular and yes, we’ve been a part of that, selling countless posies over the years but now the growing trend is for one flower en masse, grouped together looking wondrous in their abundance.  Perhaps with the addition of a little foliage. It’s simplicity at its classic best and along this road we shall tread. Its also worth noting that all the flowers should fade at a similar time rather than having to remove different dying flowers at different times with a mixed bouquet.

Alternatively, if you enjoy creating your own flower displays and arrangements, pick and chose from the online shop and we can deliver them to your door.


That’s also what’s new,  we will deliver to your door within 2 days of ordering.  It couldn’t be any more hassle free! We also have a gift delivery service so if you’d like to send something to someone special then the option is there.


In addition to this we also offer a gift or home subscription service. With any choice of subscription, all you then need to do is pick the length of subscription and how often you’d like it delivered. It’s that simple! Its all in our ‘Subscriptions’ page.


Finally, if you would like a specific bloom all you need to do is drop us a line and if we can source it for you we will


We hope you like it and Happy Shopping!