How it works.


On the Home page:


Choose ‘Buy now – What’s popular?’ and it takes you to a selection of customer favourites.

We then have ‘Subscriptions’ which allows the customer to choose from either ‘Our Choice’ or ‘Seasonal’ as well as a number of other blooms en masse. These can be delivered on a weekly/bi-monthly/monthly basis  for 3/6/9/12 months or – our favourite – on going!

We also have ‘Our Choice’ offered as a once off for yourself or as a gift.  Just click on the tab and in addition we offer a ‘Seasonal’ bundle as a once off. Simply find it using the search bar.

With the ‘Our Choice’ and ‘Seasonal’ options it allows ourselves at Flowers Flowers to choose for you – and we’ve been told we’ve got quite good taste!

Choose ‘shop all’ and it takes you to our extensive list of seasonal and all year round blooms to purchase in individual bunches.


In the shop:

You can purchase any flower as a once off to be delivered to yourself or as a gift.

 Some flowers have a season and others are available All Year Round (AYR).

 A category filter for this purpose is within the shop.

If you still can’t find what you’re after or would like a specific flower either by subscription or as a once off then please send an email to: and we’ll do our best to source it.


As always with these things, the more you buy the cheaper it becomes.  On each product page we have 3 size options.

Delightful (approx RRP). Splendid (10% off). Wow (20% off). We think it’s a great idea for friends to club together

and by going for the larger sizes you really are getting excellent prices for excellent quality

and this is exactly what we want to achieve for our customers.

We really hope you like our concept and happy shopping!